Pet Friendly Rooms

The motel has a special double and family room that is used for people who are travelling with a pet. Your pet is allowed inside the pet-friendly room with the owners supervision where it will be comfortable and safe overnight in the air conditioned unit. Don't leave your furry friend alone in the car. These rooms are thoroughly cleaned and deodorised between guests. You and your pet will enjoy it!




TIDY well-behaved pets welcome

Small and medium sized dogs and cats are welcome to stay overnight. Please bring a bed or basket for your pet to sleep on. We provide special clean pet blankets as well for extra comfort. 

Walking Path 

The motel has a wide flat walking path at the front which leads to the main shopping area of Parkes about a 10 minute stroll. It is perfect for dogs that have been in the car all day and in need of a stretch (pretty good for the owners too).

Walking path Spanish Lantern Motor Inn Parkes.jpg

Relax in the gardens.jpg

Our garden area

This is the large grassy garden at the rear of the motel complex. Dogs are welcome and must be on a lead at all times when outside the motel room. It is ideal for the toilet needs of your dog. Sit and relax in the shade and enjoy the property together.